Length Over All: 5.26 m
Hull Length: 5.18 m
Beam: 2.34 m
Draught: 0.40 - 0.80 m
Light displacement: 1 204 kg
Light displacement without engine: 974 kg
Fuel tank: 136 L
Water tank: 55 L
Max engine certification: 140 HP
Length - Driving shaft: XL / 635 mm


The flyer 5.5 SPACEdeck is an astonishingly spacious and uncompromising dayboat carrying 6 people on board for a wide variety of programmes. She is easy to transport on a trailer and features lots of options that make this a very personal outboard speedboat.

Just over 5 metres long, Flyer 5.5 SPACEdeck is characterized by an extensive bow, profiled lateral struts and elegant windshield design. Taking inspiration from car industry codes, her silhouette is sporty and incisive. She is open with a central console, offering a very clear deck with large walkways for safe and easy movement. Her special V-shaped hull, very narrow at the bow, deflects water perfectly to the rear. An orange line common to all the Flyer SPACEdeck’s is the signature mark of this model.

Developed by BENETEAU Powerboat, the Flyer 5.5 SPACEdeck cleverly combines the pleasure of sailing with the practicality of lots of equipment. Her hull is equipped with the latest generation of AirStep® ensuring safety and driving sensations. BENETEAU’s partner, Suzuki, offers a wide selection of engines.

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    MUR 1,806,880.00

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