Overnight Catamaran Experience

  • Location
    La Balise Marina Start Point
  • Duration
    1 Night (24 hours) Duration
  • Program
    Black River Location

Exclusive Offer – Overnight Catamaran Experience!


24 Hrs Exclusivity on a catamaran for max  6 persons!

All Inclusive (Breakfast  – Lunch Dinner) PLUS  1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine offered…!

Here’s what you’ll experience…

Departure – La Balise Marina – Black River – Time to suit your wish, you will embark from our pontoon, our crew will welcome you with a welcoming cocktail. You will be then shown your Master cabin, where you will be provided with stowage area for your belongings. Our catamaran is fitted with and supply 220 Volts power, so feel free to bring your cameras, or even if you need to keep up with the office during your escapade, you can connect your Laptop or tablet. 

Once you have been made familiar to the various amenities on board, the Captain will brief you about the safety procedures to follow while cruising. You will be invited to enjoy the scenery while relaxing on the sun-lounges, or in the cocoon comfort of the inside lounge. 

Depending on sea conditions, and of your time of departure for the cruise, the itinerary will vary accordingly to suit your needs but also to ensure that you enjoy the most of this experience.


Call us or email us for more details.

5841 0192 / 5914 9177


Itinerary proposed – can be modified accordingly:

Visit of Crystal Rock – Can be considered as one of the natural wonders of Mauritius. This coral outgrowth remains a landmark for sightseeing, surrounded by crystal clear waters, ideal for refreshing up with a good swim, or enjoy an exotic escapade on the kayaks to reach Benitiers Island.

Snorkelling – Various spots will be proposed, each having their own particularities and conveniences to suit all needs. Initiate yourself to the marine world on shallow reefs with easy access and yet rich marine life. More advanced swimmers /snorkellers can enjoy remotely accessible sites at Coin De Mire or Trou Aux Biches area. 

 Dolphin Watching – Depending on your schedule, and weather conditions, swimming with dolphins may be possible. The wellness virtues of these marine mammals have been scientifically proven, and watching them in their natural environments in itself is an amazing feeling.

Cruise by Lighthouse of Albion – While cruising to the North Islands, you will have a rare opportunity to view the Albion Lighthouse from seaward. Time to get this Instagram account buzzing..!

Sunset Cruise – Either way, since we are cruising on the West coast of Mauritius, you will enjoy the magnificence of the Sun setting behind the horizon. The artist known as Mother Nature paints you the sky with its most elaborated colour tones, all accompanied by the gentle clapping of the water and submerged in the bubbles of a chilled Sparkling Wine.

Cruise to North Islands – Gabriel and Flat Island – Robinson Crusoe re-invented… Plus the luxury of the comfort of the sleeping cabins of the catamaran. En-suite facilities in all cabins, for total intimacy, your dreams will come true. Or maybe you will prefer to sleep under the stars…! Bonfire on the beach, some local music, Heaven is included in our package …!

Extras (Free of Charge) – 2 Kayaks will be at your disposal

Menu proposed – can be upgraded at extra costs

Breakfast – Continental – Eggs, Turkish Bacon, toasts, fruits, yoghurt

Lunch – Pasta, vegetables, skewers (Chicken/ veg) 

Dinner – BBQ – Fish, grilled veggies, rice Salad, green salad, King Prawns

Aperitif – Samoussas, Spring rolls, dry snacks, cheese brochette

Snacks available during the whole trip




Local Rum

2 Bottles of South African Wine – Per choice

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