Yacht Management is situated at La Balise Marina in Black River; it offers a wide array of services in boat sales, boat management, boat parks and marina developments.

Rich of its experience and expertise in the maritime sector, Yacht Management Ltd offers a complete range of services from boat charters- private and cabin-, boat sales, boat management, boat parks, crew management, and marina development and consultancy.

Our boat sales services include:

  • Import
  • Surveying
  • Delivery and commissioning
  • Maritim Freit

Yacht Management is the official dealer of the prestigious Beneteau and operates closely with an extensive network of yacht brokers and other boating operators based in the region and in Europe.

Yacht Management employs a team of 20 dedicated staff members, to ensure the individual requirements of each client.


Yacht Management Ltd is one of the only companies in Mauritius who is specialized in cabin cruises, luxury charter, boat sales, and management. The team is made up of pro-active individuals with a great team spirit. Together, the members of the team contribute to create the best possible client’s experience.

Operation Manager
Receptionist and planning coordinator