Mauritius is one of the most attractive islands in the Indian Ocean. Its beautiful coastline is world-renowned. As well as beaches such as Trou-aux-Biches and Flic en Flac, the destination also has a number of coral islands and volcanic islets to visit by boat, including Île Plate, Île aux Bénitiers, Île Rodrigues and Île aux Aigrettes.

Cast off from a Mauritian marina and take the helm of your sailboat or motorboat. Unfold your nautical chart, set sail and discover these Mauritian islands with their unique and picturesque charm.

Mauritius: a wide range of choices for buying new and used boats and yachts

Our long experience of yacht brokerage in the Indian Ocean region means we can offer you the best deals for your type of project, your budget and your personal situation. Are you thinking of buying a pre-owned boat to start your yachting career in Mauritius? Azure skies, enchanting surroundings for sailing, a wide range of pre-owned boats and experienced professionals at your disposal: everything you need to make your dream come true in complete safety.

Are you thinking of buying a new boat for island hopping, blue water cruising or sport sailing? We offer models produced by the world’s leading pleasure boat builders, including BENETEAU. Our catalogue of new and used boats in Mauritius includes a wide range of offers. Among our many proposals, some are certainly tailored to your needs. However, there are a number of things you should know before choosing between a new or second-hand yacht.

Buying a new boat, a solution with many advantages

In Mauritius, new motorboats and sailing yachts fresh from the BENETEAU dealer also have a host of advantages. Choosing your boat and some of its options is an argument that appeals to many buyers. When you opt to buy a new monohull, a new yacht or a sailboat ordered from a builder, you are often guaranteed to choose certain features according to your preferences. Optional equipment, the colour of certain parts of the boat – such as the sails – not to mention the features of your future boat in terms of the layout of the cabins or the engine, are all criteria that you can personalise according to the model chosen and the dealer or builder.

Over and above this advantage, choosing a new boat also ensures that you get the most out of a boat that is efficient, safe, reliable, guaranteed and compliant with the latest construction standards. These boats are generally equipped with the most advanced technology, both in terms of comfort and safety. They are ready to take you across thousands of nautical miles for many years to come.

Our Mauritius-based agency specialises in assisting people wishing to buy a new boat in Mauritius. Our activities range from negotiating the purchase price to finalising the transaction and formalising the deed of sale. In addition, we also provide rental management for pleasure craft, a service aimed at owners and customers planning to charter a sailboat or motorboat in Mauritius.

Buying a second-hand boat, an interesting choice

If you’re buying a boat for the first time, choosing a used boat can be an attractive option. There are plenty of second-hand boats to choose from, and your decision usually comes with a host of advantages. One of them, for example, is the possibility of choosing your future purchase from a wide variety of models on offer. Catamarans, monohulls, motorboats, yachts and even outboards – the options are endless. So you’re spoilt for choice with our Mauritius boat advertisements.

The cost of buying a used boat is another advantage. These models, which are generally in perfect condition, are sold at a more affordable price than new boats, which means you can make significant savings. The immediate realisation of your project is also an important argument. Buying a second-hand sailing yacht or buying a used yacht generally means that you can start sailing straight away, without having to wait for the process often involved in building or delivering a new boat.

Enjoy an idyllic setting for buying or selling a boat in Mauritius

Mauritius is a top destination for yachting. Its crystal-clear waters, 330 kilometres of coastline and 250 square kilometres of coral reefs add up to other pleasant sites that are ideal for maritime activities and boating.

When buying a yacht in Mauritius, choose between a motorboat or a monohull sailboat. Nestling in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius enjoys an ideal climate. Winds in the region are generally light. Whether by sailboat or motorboat, yachting and cruising are easy and enjoyable.

The weather in Mauritius is perfect for yachting, deep-sea cruises and deep-sea fishing. This destination enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures are warm and you’ll enjoy sunny weather for most of the year.

If you own a monohull, a yacht or a catamaran and you want to sell it, selling your boat in Mauritius could also be a good idea. Marinas and yachting clubs are commonplace in this part of the Indian Ocean. There is also a dynamic community of yachtsmen on the island. It can bring together potential buyers for your used powerboat or sailboat. In addition to the local community, travel and sailing enthusiasts from all over the world regularly visit Mauritius. Its clear, shallow waters, variety of islands and islets and numerous bays and coves attract millions of travellers every year. Some of them may be interested in second-hand motorboats or a sailing yacht like yours.

As an experienced yacht broker, we have in-depth knowledge of the yachting and fittings market in Mauritius. We can help you with your boat buying or selling project in Mauritius, whether it be a yacht, a monohull or a catamaran. The sale of new and used boats is one of our specialities, as is assisting future buyers in their search for a good deal.