Boat Rental in Tamarin: Your Complete Guide

Boat Rental in Tamarin: Your Complete Guide

Located in the southwest of Mauritius, Tamarin Bay is an authentic gem, perfect for visitors seeking nautical adventures. This fishing village turned seaside resort charms with its traditional houses and warm atmosphere. Known for its waves and spectacular sunsets, Tamarin attracts water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Renting a boat in Tamarin allows you to explore this preserved region, its crystal-clear waters, and its breathtaking landscapes in complete freedom.

Why rent a boat in Tamarin?

A wild and authentic bay

Tamarin Bay is a unique place in Mauritius, offering breathtaking natural landscapes. Surrounded by lush mountains and bordered by a grey sandy beach, this wild bay captivates with its natural charm and peaceful ambiance. The absence of a coral reef creates lively waters, ideal for boating and water sports. Additionally, the sunsets in Tamarin are among the most spectacular on the island, providing a natural spectacle not to be missed each evening.

Dolphin watching in their natural habitat

Tamarin Bay is also renowned for the regular presence of dolphins in its waters. Dolphin watching is a must-do activity for visitors. To maximize your chances of seeing these magnificent marine mammals, it is advisable to get up early and set out on an excursion in the morning when dolphins are most active. It is crucial to respect environmental regulations to protect these animals.

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Water activities in Tamarin

Surfing and thrilling water sports

Tamarin Beach is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Known for its powerful waves and constant wind, this beach is one of the best surf spots in Mauritius, especially in July and August. In addition to surfing, visitors can try various other water activities such as kitesurfing, parasailing, and windsurfing. These ideal conditions attract surfers from around the world, making Tamarin a must-visit spot for water sports enthusiasts.

Stand-up paddle on the Tamarin River

The Tamarin River offers an exceptional setting for stand-up paddleboarding. Navigating its calm waters allows you to explore beautiful natural landscapes, surrounded by greenery and mountains. This activity is perfect for nature lovers and tranquility seekers, providing a unique perspective on the beauty of Tamarin. Many organized stand-up paddle outings allow participants to discover this discipline in a serene and enchanting environment, adding a touch of adventure to their stay.

Advantages of renting a boat in tamarin

Freedom and flexibility

Renting a boat in Tamarin offers unparalleled freedom to explore the bay and its surroundings at your own pace. You can decide your itinerary and stops, allowing you to discover hidden coves, isolated beaches, and exceptional diving spots. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to visit places inaccessible from land, offering a unique perspective on the natural beauty of Tamarin. Whether you wish to watch dolphins, practice water sports, or simply enjoy the calm of the sea, boat rental allows you to customize your experience to your desires.

Comfort and safety

Boat rental providers in Tamarin offer a variety of boat types suited to different activities and needs. From fast motorboats for thrill-seekers to larger, more comfortable boats for families and groups, you will find a boat that meets your expectations. Additionally, the boats are equipped with everything necessary to ensure your comfort onboard, including comfortable seating, storage spaces, and sometimes even diving equipment. Safety is also a priority, with well-maintained boats and standard safety equipment such as life jackets and first aid kits. Providers ensure that all safety instructions are followed, allowing you to enjoy your day at sea with peace of mind.

Practical tips for renting a boat in Tamarin

Choosing the right provider

For a successful boat rental experience in Tamarin, it is crucial to choose a reliable rental company. Look for providers with a good reputation and solid experience in the field, like Yacht Mauritius. Note that this company has been operating for over ten years and stands out from other providers in the maritime leisure sector by offering customized deals.

Preparing for your day at sea

Proper preparation is essential to fully enjoy your day at sea. Here are some tips to organize your outing:

  • Equipment: Bring all necessary equipment, including life jackets, diving gear (if needed), sunglasses, sunscreen, and towels.
  • Provisions: Pack enough water, snacks, and light meals for the day. Don’t forget a cooler to keep your food and drinks fresh.
  • Safety: Follow all safety instructions provided by the rental company. Learn how to use the onboard safety equipment and know the emergency procedures. Check the weather conditions before departure and be ready to adapt your plans accordingly.
  • Environmental Respect: Adopt responsible behavior at sea. Do not throw any waste overboard and respect marine fauna and flora.

Exploring the village and its surroundings

Visiting Tamarin village

Tamarin Village is a true haven of peace that offers an authentic experience of Mauritian life. Away from the tourist hustle, this charming village captivates with its tranquil and warm ambiance. Its small traditional houses and artisanal shops tell the story and culture of the local area. Taking the time to stroll through the streets of Tamarin allows you to soak up its authenticity, meet locals, and discover hidden treasures such as unique handcrafted products.

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Tamarin salt pans

The Tamarin salt pans are a must-visit site rich in history and culture. This small artisanal operation has been producing salt for generations, contributing to the local economy and preserving an age-old tradition. Visitors can observe artisans at work early in the morning, harvesting salt from the vast white basins. A guided tour of the salt pans provides fascinating insights into the salt formation and harvesting process, offering a captivating glimpse into this traditional practice. The Tamarin salt pans are the last active ones in Mauritius, producing an annual harvest sufficient for the region.

Hiking and nature in Tamarin

Hiking to the Tamarin Falls

For nature and adventure lovers, hikes to the Tamarin Falls are a must. These excursions offer varied trails through lush vegetation and stunning landscapes. The paths, although unmarked, lead to several beautiful waterfalls where visitors can cool off in natural pools. It is highly recommended to be accompanied by a local guide, not only for safety reasons but also to benefit from their extensive knowledge of the region and the best routes to take. Hikes to the Tamarin Falls promise a memorable experience in the heart of Mauritian nature.

Admiring sunsets on Tamarin beach

The sunsets in Tamarin are among the most beautiful in Mauritius, offering an unforgettable natural spectacle. Tamarin Beach, with its unobstructed horizon and idyllic setting, is the perfect place to admire these magical moments. To fully enjoy this show, it is advisable to go to the beach in the late afternoon, settle in comfortably, and let the magic happen. The flaming colors of the sky reflecting on the lively waters of the bay create a serene and romantic atmosphere, ideal for ending a day of adventures in Tamarin.


Renting a boat in Tamarin is an excellent way to discover this authentic bay and its natural wonders. Whether it’s for dolphin watching, practicing water sports, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the sea, you will have an unforgettable experience. By following our practical tips and choosing a reliable provider, you can explore Tamarin safely and freely, creating memorable memories of your stay in Mauritius.

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