Buying Guide: Motorboat or Sailboat

Buying Guide: Motorboat or Sailboat

The world of sailing offers two fascinating choices: the powerful motorboat and the majestic sailing yacht. Each has its own distinct charms and advantages. To help you make the choice that best suits your dreams of seafaring adventure, let’s delve into this buying guide, which will reveal the secrets to making the right choice between these two nautical marvels. Whether you’re a fan of speed, a lover of tranquillity or a mix of both, we’ve got everything you need to guide you in your decision. Take the helm, and let’s set off to discover the oceans of possibilities.

When you dream of marine adventures, there’s nothing more exhilarating than taking the helm of a boat and ploughing through the waters. However, there is one crucial question that every aspiring sailor must answer: powerboat or sailboat? Each of these vessels has its own charms, advantages and sensations. To help you make the choice that best suits your dreams of marine adventures, we reveal all the secrets to making the right choice between these two nautical marvels.

The two worlds of sailing

Sailing through the waters offers incomparable freedom, whether on an elegant sailing yacht gliding silently with the wind or aboard a powerful motorboat, propelling you through the waves with controlled force. As with any choice, whether to opt for a powerboat or a sailing yacht depends on your personal preferences, your dreams of adventure and, of course, your budget.

Powerboat: Power in your hands

If you’re looking for speed, power and control, a powerboat is your best ally. Here’s why:

  1. Speed and ease of navigation:

Powerboats are designed for speed on the water. With a simple stroke of the throttle, you can quickly reach your destination. No need to wait for the wind to blow in the right direction, which means faster, more predictable travel.

  1. Autonomy:

With a powerboat, you’re not dependent on the weather. You can sail whenever you like, which is ideal for those who want to be adventurous at any time.

  1. Comfort and amenities:

Powerboats are generally equipped with spacious cabins, bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment areas. You can enjoy all the comforts of home on the open sea.

  1. Handling:

Sailing a powerboat is often easier, especially for beginners. You have direct control over steering and speed, which can be reassuring.

Sailboat: The magic of the wind

If you’re looking for the charm of silence, communion with nature and the ancient art of sailing, then a sailboat is your best choice. Here’s why:

  1. Ecological and silent:

Sailboats are powered by the wind, making them environmentally friendly and incredibly quiet. So you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the sea.

  1. A feeling of freedom:

A sailboat offers a unique sensation of connection with the sea and the wind. The sail, inflated by the wind, is an experience.

  1. Economical:

Sailing is generally more economical, as fuel is not a concern. The wind is free, after all.

  1. Continuous learning:

Sailing requires some learning, which can be exciting for those who enjoy a challenge. Sailing is an ancient art that continues to evolve.

How do you choose?

Now that we’ve explored the advantages of each type of boat, how do you choose?

  1. Define your priorities:

It all starts with defining your priorities. Are you looking for speed and comfort, or do you prefer tranquillity and connection with nature? With a list of your priorities in hand, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision.

  1. Consider your experience:

Your level of sailing experience can also influence your choice. Beginners may find powerboats easier to handle, while experienced sailors may be attracted by the challenge of sailing.

  1. Budget: Powerboats vs. Sailboats – How much does your sailing dream really cost?

Budget is a key factor. Powerboats, particularly the larger models, can be expensive to buy and maintain. Sailboats tend to be more affordable, but this also depends on the size and complexity of the boat.


  1. Compact pleasure boats: small powerboats, such as outboards and fishing boats, can cost between €10,000 and €50,000 depending on size, make and equipment.
  2. Family cruisers: Larger yachts designed to accommodate families can cost between €50,000 and €200,000. These boats generally offer more space and comfort.
  3. Luxury cruisers: Luxury powerboats, with top-of-the-range features and sophisticated design, can cost more than €200,000 and run into the millions.

Sailing boats

  1. Used yachts: Used yachts are often more affordable. Small used yachts can be found in the €10,000 to €50,000 price range, while larger, newer yachts can cost between €50,000 and €500,000.
  2. New yachts: New yachts vary considerably in price depending on size, make, shipyard and equipment. Small new yachts can start at around €30,000 and reach €500,000 or more for larger, more luxurious models.
  3. Luxury yachts: Luxury yachts, often customised and fitted with top-of-the-range equipment, can cost several million euros.

It is important to note that these price ranges are indicative, and actual prices may vary depending on many factors, including age, condition, equipment, make, size and market demand. Before buying a boat, it is advisable to carry out thorough research, consult boating professionals and consider all the costs associated with owning a boat, such as maintenance, storage and insurance.

  1. Try before you buy:

Before making a final decision, try both. Hire a powerboat for a sea trip and do the same with a sailboat. Nothing beats hands-on experience to find out what suits you best.

  1. Consult our experts:

If you’re new to sailing, don’t hesitate to consult experts or join online enthusiast groups. Their advice and experience can guide you in your choice.

Choosing between a powerboat and a sailboat is a personal decision, dictated by your preferences, your dreams and your budget. Whether you opt for the power of a powerboat or the grace of a sailboat, the most important thing is to enjoy every moment spent on the water. Sailing is much more than a technical choice, it’s a passion that will take you to infinite horizons. So, what’s your next destination?

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