Complete guide for buying new boats

Complete guide for buying new boats

Buying a new boat is a decision that shouldn’t be taken on a whim. In fact, it’s important to consider a number of factors, such as costs and your potential needs, before buying a boat. This guide will give you some important advice before you take the plunge.

Why choose a new boat?

The advantages of a new boat

There are several advantages associated with buying a new boat. For a start, when you buy a new boat, you are entitled to a guarantee from the supplier. This protects you in the event of manufacturer failure. So, you can sail with peace of mind. Secondly, new boats come with a whole range of the latest equipment and technology, so you can be sure of some memorable expeditions. What’s more, you can personalise your yacht in a variety of ways. Finally, when it comes to reliability, a new boat scores higher. Yes, you won’t have to make any repairs when you first buy it.

What about a second-hand boat?

Buying a boat is a major project. That’s why it’s important to consider all the options, such as buying a second-hand yacht. If you go for this type of boat, you’re sure to save money. The price of a new boat is higher than that of a second-hand one. The same applies to insurance. What’s more, you’ll find a wider range of used boats. Another factor to consider is depreciation. The value of a second-hand yacht remains more or less stable at a given time. Be careful, however, not to neglect the inspection of a used yacht before buying. This should be carried out by an expert. He or she will inspect the rigging, hull, engine and cabins, among other things.

The steps involved in buying a new boat

Assessing the intended use

Before choosing the type of boat to buy, it’s essential to determine your needs. For example, are you going to use it for fishing? If so, you should buy a fishing boat. Are you planning to take your boat on a cruise? Then a catamaran or yacht will do the trick. Are you planning to use your boat for water sports? Then a semi-rigid/zodiac, an outboard or even a high-performance boat is suggested, depending on the type of activity in mind.

The importance of your budget

Buying a new boat depends largely on your budget. When it comes to powerboats, you need to budget at least €74,000. At that price, you could, for example, buy one of the models in the Antares range from the Bénéteau group. As for sailing yachts, you should expect to pay at least €28,000 for one. You’ll also find models selling for €900,000. Of course, you’ll have to pay additional costs on top of the price of the boat.

Visit boat shows and meet dealers

Once you’ve thought about the type of boat that best suits your needs and is within your budget, it’s time to visit boat shows. This is the perfect place to find the yacht of your dreams. You’ll have the opportunity to meet representatives of the major boat brands.

Carry out sea trials

You can find out as much as you can about a particular brand of pleasure boat, but there’s no substitute for a sea trial. By testing the boat yourself, you’ll know exactly whether or not it’s right for you. People who want to buy a car never fail to take a test drive beforehand, so why skip this step when buying a new boat?

Financing your purchase

If you don’t want to pay the full amount for a new boat all at once, you may want to consider a boat loan. This is a loan to finance a boat, and like all loans of this kind, you will have to pay monthly instalments that include interest. Note that the repayment rate varies from one lender to another. Another important financing model is leasing. Unlike credit, where you become the owner of the asset as soon as you buy it, leasing is a rental with a purchase option. In other words, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to acquire the asset permanently at the end of the contract.

Preparing for delivery

Once you’ve bought your boat, it’s time to prepare for delivery. It’s important to inspect the boat thoroughly before and after delivery. Remember to check that nothing has been overlooked. Then don’t forget to learn how to use and maintain the boat, especially if you’re not an experienced sailor.

Buying a new boat is a decision you can’t take lightly. Don’t forget to follow the steps outlined in this post. And don’t forget to take a look at the various models available from Yacht Mauritius.

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