Excess: A Revolution in the World of Sailboats and Yachts

Excess: A Revolution in the World of Sailboats and Yachts

In the vast world of yachting, Excess stands out as a brand synonymous with innovation, performance and pleasure at sea. A subsidiary of the Bénéteau Group, renowned for its excellence in shipbuilding, Excess brings a new dimension to the sailing experience with its sailing boats and pleasure yachts that combine elegant design, advanced technology and respect for the environment. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing cruise in the azure seas, a competitive regatta or a maritime adventure to discover far-flung destinations, Excess boats promise unforgettable journeys, marked by comfort, safety and unrivalled satisfaction. For sailing enthusiasts and yachtsmen looking for thrills or moments of relaxation on the water, Excess offers a range of boats to suit every type of sailing and every need.

The Excess Nautical Heritage

The history of Excess is firmly rooted in the traditions and innovation of the Bénéteau Group, a global giant renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of sail and power boats. Born of the ambition to rethink yachting to meet the expectations of a new generation of sailors, Excess has inherited centuries of naval expertise while infusing a resolutely modern and avant-garde vision into the design of its boats.

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Origins and ambitions of Excess

Within the Bénéteau Group, Excess was born with a clear mission: to merge elegance and performance, while offering a unique and unforgettable sailing experience. This new brand embodies the response to a growing demand for sailing yachts and catamarans that combine comfort, aesthetics and thrills. Drawing on the expertise and exceptional resources of its parent group, Excess has a solid foundation from which to explore new frontiers in yacht design.

Innovation and Performance

From the outset, Excess has stood out for its innovative approach to boat design. Each model is the result of a constant search for optimisation, where performance meets the lifestyle of the modern sailor. The Excess shipyard becomes a laboratory for innovation, where engineers and designers work hand in hand to push back the limits of what is possible on the water. Hulls refined for improved glide, rigs redesigned for enhanced control and interior fittings designed for maximum comfort all bear witness to this ongoing quest for excellence.

An Evolving Heritage

The evolution of Excess in the global yachting landscape has been marked by a series of successes that have rapidly positioned the brand as a key player in the pleasure craft sector. By embracing the latest technologies and committing to sustainable practices, Excess doesn’t just follow trends; it sets them. The early adoption of eco-responsible solutions and the integration of innovative features, such as hybrid propulsion systems, demonstrate Excess’ commitment to making a positive contribution to the future of boating.

The Excess Exemplary Fleet

The Excess fleet stands out for its diversity and its ability to adapt to the varied desires and needs of sailors. From spacious catamarans to fast sailing yachts, each model is a promise of discovery and renewed nautical pleasure.

Excess catamarans: Designed for those seeking the perfect balance between comfort and performance, Excess catamarans offer generous living spaces and unrivalled sailing sensations. With light and spacious cabins, a welcoming cockpit, and a hull design optimised for speed, they are the ideal choice for long cruises and adventures with family and friends.

Excess yachts: Excess yachts are synonymous with freedom and efficiency. They attract demanding skippers with their handling, responsiveness and ability to catch the slightest breath of wind. Thanks to their carefully thought-out rigging and high-performance hull design, these yachts promise exciting racing and enjoyable cruising.

Each Excess model is an invitation to explore the seas with confidence and style, offering a sailing experience that combines the adrenalin of speed with the serenity of travel. By choosing Excess, yachtsmen can be sure of a maritime adventure that lives up to their expectations, whether they’re cruising through gulfs and creeks or taking to the open sea for a daring crossing.

Innovation and sustainability at Excess

Excess doesn’t just innovate in the design and performance of its boats; the brand is also a pioneer in integrating sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly technologies into the boating industry. By favouring the use of eco-friendly materials and developing alternative propulsion systems, Excess demonstrates its commitment to preserving the seas and oceans.

Eco-friendly materials: Excess carefully chooses sustainable materials for the construction of its boats, thereby reducing the environmental impact of its activities. These materials, which are both light and strong, contribute to the energy efficiency of the boats and to their longevity.

Eco-responsible propulsion: Aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions, Excess is actively exploring the possibilities offered by electric and hybrid engines. These technological innovations make it possible to sail with a minimal carbon footprint, while maintaining performance and sailing pleasure.

Through these initiatives, Excess is responding to the expectations of modern consumers, who are looking not only for exceptional nautical experiences but also for more environmentally-friendly ways of sailing. By choosing an Excess boat, boaters are taking a step towards sustainable and conscious boating.

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Live the Nautical Adventure with Excess

Sailing aboard an Excess boat is a nautical adventure to match your dreams. The brand caters for sailors from all backgrounds, from beginners wanting to learn the rudiments of navigation to seasoned skippers looking for performance and challenge. Excess facilitates this escape with a range of services and facilities designed for every type of sea trip.

Sailboat and Catamaran Charter: Excess understands the importance of flexibility and offers a variety of charter options, allowing yachtsmen to explore dream destinations without the constraints of ownership. Whether cruising along the Mediterranean coastline, escaping to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, or adventuring to hidden coves, chartering an Excess boat opens up a world of possibilities.

Comfort and safety on board: Each Excess boat is equipped to guarantee maximum comfort and safety for its occupants. Spacious and comfortable cabins, a cockpit designed for conviviality, and state-of-the-art navigation equipment ensure an unrivalled on-board experience, where the well-being of yachtsmen comes first.

Customised Experiences: Excess goes beyond simple boat hire by offering customised experiences tailored to the desires of each individual sailor. Whether you want to take part in a regatta, organise a cruise with family or friends, or simply enjoy a solo getaway, Excess has the boat and the services to make your trip unique.

Excess and the World Boat Market

Excess doesn’t just shine through the excellence of its boats; the brand also plays an active role in the global marine market. Its presence at major international boat shows and its extensive network of dealers and brokers are testament to its influence and commitment to making sailing accessible to a wider audience.

International presence: Excess makes its presence felt at major nautical events, such as the Cannes Boat Show and the Grand Pavois, where the brand unveils its latest innovations and models. These occasions allow boating enthusiasts to discover Excess’ excellence and expertise up close.

Sales and Charter Network: With a worldwide network of dealers and brokers, Excess is close to its customers, offering advice, after-sales service and charter opportunities. Whether you are looking to buy a new boat, sell your current vessel, or explore charter options, Excess and its partners are on hand to meet your needs.

The Future of Excess

The future of Excess is one of continued innovation and ecological commitment, while remaining true to the passion and excellence that have characterised the brand since its inception. Looking to new horizons and responding to the challenges of tomorrow, Excess aims to redefine the standards of modern yachting, offering ever more rewarding sailing experiences that respect the environment and meet the expectations of 21st century sailors.

Technological innovations: Excess continues its quest for innovation by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the design of its boats. From hybrid propulsion and automation to AI-assisted navigation systems, Excess aims to offer more intuitive, safe and efficient navigation. These technological advances aim not only to improve performance and comfort on board, but also to minimise the environmental impact of navigation.

Sustainability and eco-design: Aware of its role in protecting the oceans, Excess is strengthening its commitment to sustainable development. This translates into a constant search for eco-responsible materials, optimised energy consumption and a design aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of its boats. Excess is also exploring the possibilities of a circular economy, by considering the recyclability of its boats at the end of their life.

Responding to the needs of sailors: Listening to its community of sailors, Excess adapts its models to different lifestyles and sailing practices. Whether for family cruising, solo adventures or sporting competitions, Excess aims to offer boats that precisely meet the needs and dreams of each individual. The brand is committed to offering extensive customisation, allowing owners to create the boat that reflects their nautical identity.

Global expansion: Excess intends to expand its presence in international markets by strengthening its distribution network and participating in major sailing events around the world. This expansion strategy aims to bring Excess boats closer to passionate sailors, wherever they may be, while sharing the spirit and values of the brand.

In conclusion, the future of Excess promises to be as vibrant and innovative as its heritage. By combining technological advances, environmental responsibility and listening to sailors, Excess is preparing to sail towards new horizons, leaving its distinctive mark on the waves. For sailing and yachting enthusiasts, Excess remains the companion of choice for boundless maritime adventures, where passion, performance and respect for nature sail hand in hand.

Discover the Excess boats available at Yacht Mauritius. You'll find a whole range of models.

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