Four Winns: discovering this brand

Four Winns: discovering this brand

The American brand Four Winns has been around for 60 years. It holds a prominent position in the nautical world thanks to its quality boats. It uses fibreglass and aluminium to build its models. When it comes to design, elegance is king. Get ready to find out the most important information about the brand.

History and development of Four Winns

The beginnings of Four Winns

The Winn family, including the three brothers and the father, founded Four Winns in 1975. Unlike what you might think, this brand took a long time to achieve success. The company was born almost by chance. At first, John Winn worked for Starcraft, which was a boat company. Then, with the help of his brother Bill, he founded a company that represented several small boat manufacturers. They travelled around making deals with dealers. One day, after a discussion with one of the groups they represented, they decided to set up their own company. Then their father and other brother joined them.

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The company’s roadblocks

Three years after the launch of Four Winns, a sad event occurred just as the company was beginning to make a name for itself in the marine sector. An employee’s carelessness led to a fire on the company’s premises. As a result, the company had a negative net worth of 2 million dollars. The owners had lost everything. Faced with this crisis, they nevertheless insisted on continuing their activities. They received help from the Cadillac State Bank. They also reached an agreement with their suppliers, to whom they owed money for materials they had already used. They bought new materials on credit, which enabled them to restart their business. But after paying it all back, they suffered another blow in 1980 with a global oil crisis. First, President Jimmy Carter threatened to ban weekend boating; then, a 10% luxury tax was imposed on boats.

Turning the tide

To keep their heads above water, the Winn family had to make a lot of sacrifices. They sold almost everything to enable their business to operate normally. For example, they sold their houses and cars. As things turned out, they were right to do so. In the space of 60 years, Four Winns became the third largest boat manufacturer in the country, among hundreds of others. The Winns were able to achieve this through scrupulous control of their profits. For instance, after a good financial year, they decided not to take any bonuses in order to build a new factory in Texas. Once again, their approach paid off. They were able to build no fewer than 5,000 boats there.

Changes in the industry

As Four Winns rose to the top of the boatbuilding world, the industry was undergoing major changes, likely to cause the Winn’s to sell their company. Boat engine manufacturers began buying up boat building companies. By 1987, Brunswick Mercury Marine owned Four Winns’ two rivals, Bayliner and Sea Ray. Although the brothers and the father didn’t want to sell their company, it was more and more obvious to them that it would no longer be possible to compete. OMC Boat Group finally acquired Four Winns in 1987. The company is now owned by Groupe Bénéteau.

Four Winns boats

American style with Four Winns

Four Winns has a variety of boats, but its models have one thing in common: the American touch. You can feel that with all its boats, whether they’re in the sports range or cruisers. The brand’s three hallmarks are comfort, aesthetics and performance. The V-shaped hull design ensures outstanding stability and handling. The practicality of these boats is another asset. You’ll find a wide range of interesting accessories. Whichever type you choose, you won’t be overlooked at sea.

Four Winns and its open decks are family-friendly

Combining classic modern style with comfort is no easy task. It requires a considerable amount of research before design and manufacture. And Four Winns excels at it. That’s one of the reasons why its models attract so many people. Even though the brand has changed ownership, it has remained attentive to its customers and continues to offer family-friendly boats. Its open deck models offer the advantage of being able to navigate on a variety of waterways, such as lakes. And because they’re spacious, you can take your loved ones along for a relaxing time. With plenty of storage space available, it’s easy to stow away all your belongings. This is practical for spending long hours on the boat. You and your loved ones won’t be exhausted either, as the seating ensures maximum comfort. Finally, the sporty style of the boat puts the yachtsman in the limelight.

Un modèle de la marque Four Winns

Spotlight on cruisers

Four Winns cruisers also build the brand’s reputation. They are suitable not only for extended families, but also for couples. For your information, there are inboard and outboard models, in different sizes for a multitude of uses. Speaking of the main advantages, cruisers are high enough on the water, reminiscent of classic models, but with a modern look. These yachts are also liveaboard, with all the equipment you need for maximum comfort. If you have a passion for sea trips, you’ll be in heaven. The same goes for lake trips. When it comes to performance, Volvo Penta, Yamaha and Mercury engines do a fantastic job.

Discover the Four Winns boats available at Yacht Mauritius. You'll find a wide range of models.


Other types of boat available

As well as open decks and cruisers, Four Winns has deck boats that are at the cutting edge of technology. The latest models on sale meet the needs of those looking for entertainment or relaxation. And if you’re into waterskiing and wakeboarding, the brand’s HD surf boats are sure to win you over. Safety is guaranteed in all circumstances. The skipper can control everything with ease, thanks to the stop controls and the grouping of steering instruments.

Why choose a Four Winns boat?

Unrivalled quality

One of the main strengths of Four Winns is the quality of its boats. High-quality materials are used in the construction of all our boats, in accordance with rigorous manufacturing standards. Those who buy a boat from this brand are guaranteed to use it for many years to come.

Innovative design

Four Winns has a reputation for futuristic design. Its models are a combination of aesthetics and functionality, offering unique comfort and ergonomics. Everything is designed to make the onboard experience even better, from the clean lines to the intelligent layout of the spaces.

Exceptional performance

Another aspect of Four Winns boats is performance. They offer a dynamic and responsive sailing experience, making trips out to sea more enjoyable. Water sports also become more interesting when using these boats.

Tips for maintaining your Four Winns

Regular cleaning

We recommend rinsing the boat in fresh water after every trip out to sea. This not only helps to keep the hull sparkling, but also prevents corrosion.

Checking the engine

Remember to service the engine regularly. It’s also important to check oil levels and replace filters. Finally, have the engine inspected by a professional at least once a year.

Protection against the elements

When you’re not using your boat, use protective covers to protect it from damage caused by the sun, rain and dirt.

Battery maintenance

Always make sure the battery is clean, dry and fully charged, especially before wintering, to prevent starting problems.

Hull inspection

Check the condition of the hull regularly and carry out repairs if necessary. This is important to avoid water ingress.

Statistics relating to the durability and reliability of Four Winns boats

Four Winns is renowned not only for the design quality of its boats, but also for their exceptional durability. Consumer research and surveys show that Four Winns boats maintain superior performance and appearance well above the industry average. The brand boasts high levels of customer satisfaction, with reports indicating that over 90% of owners are satisfied with the durability of their boat after many years of use.

Un modèle de la marque Four Winns

In addition, Four Winns boats are often cited for their exceptional reliability. Long-term service quality surveys show that Four Winns boats have a lower breakdown rate than many competitors, underlining the brand’s commitment to quality construction and attention to detail.

Whether you’re looking to spend some relaxing time with your family or have some fun with your friends, you’re sure to find all you need when you explore the various Four Winns brand boats at Yacht Mauritius. This nautical dealer offers new boats and even pre-owned boats. Whether you’re looking to buy a yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget.

Discover the Four Winns boats available at Yacht Mauritius. You'll find a wide range of models.

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