Family Travel: Enjoy Mauritius on a Catamaran

Family Travel: Enjoy Mauritius on a Catamaran

Are you planning a family trip to Mauritius? If so, this guide will be of great use to you. This island has everything you need for a getaway with your loved ones, with its white sandy beaches, lush forests, rivers and tourist attractions. Thinking of relaxing in Mauritius on a catamaran with your children? It’s perfectly possible.

I. Why choose a catamaran for a family adventure in Mauritius?

The advantages of a catamaran

– The catamaran offers a range of benefits for families. It’s the perfect pleasure craft for exploring Mauritius and its numerous islets. For a start, catamarans offer optimum comfort, as well as being spacious. Yes, they generally have two hulls.

– In terms of performance, they have the advantage of being more stable and more comfortable than other types of craft. Those who suffer from seasickness will be delighted to know that this type of boat does not tilt too much. With such stability, there’s no risk of spilling food or drink. Also, the catamaran’s structure means that it runs smoothly, even in bad weather.

– And don’t forget that catamarans are fast. So visiting several islands on the same day won’t be a problem. What’s more, these boats stand out for their shallow draught. Given that the depth of water in the coastal areas of Mauritius varies daily, it’s a great advantage to have one.

Fun and educational aspects of sailing for children

– Learning and adventure: Sailing a catamaran is both a fun and educational experience for children. They have the opportunity to learn the basics of navigation, map reading and even a bit of meteorology. It stimulates their curiosity and their desire to explore.

– Interacting with nature: Who doesn’t dream of being in Mauritius on a catamaran? It’s full of natural wonders, and a catamaran trip allows children to get up close and personal with marine wildlife, such as dolphins or turtles, and discover unique marine ecosystems.

II. Planning Your Catamaran Trip

Choice of Catamaran

There are various types of catamaran. Before choosing one for your family getaway, it’s important to know the characteristics of each model, which differ in terms of size, equipment and performance.

Types of catamaran

– Expedition catamarans: These are sturdy and can navigate through rough seas, making them ideal for exploration trips. They have more storage space. So you can store a lot of equipment. If your loved ones are adventurers at heart, this is the ideal boat.

Cruising catamarans: Family holidays always go well with these pleasure craft. As well as being comfortable, this type of boat has large bedrooms and leisure areas. What’s more, the decks offer unrivalled sea views. In terms of performance, it has powerful engines. It’s all there for you to enjoy your time together in complete peace of mind.

– Sport catamarans: These are ideal if you’re looking for thrills at sea. As well as offering a dynamic sailing experience, they also offer a good level of comfort, with a spacious cockpit and well-equipped cabins.

– Fishing catamarans: It would be wrong to think that they are not suitable for families. In fact, you can let your children take part in the fishing. It will be a unique experience for them. They can also swim and relax on this type of boat.

Best time to travel

Exploring the waters of Mauritius by catamaran without taking the seasons into account would be a mistake. In fact, the climate is not the same in winter and summer. Even if the water is colder in winter, there is less rain at that time. What’s more, you’re more likely to see whales in winter on this island paradise. Summer, on the other hand, is the best time for swimming. What’s more, in addition to your boat trips, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole host of water sports, including canoeing, kayaking, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, towed buoys and water skiing.

Apart from the climate, it’s important to take school holidays into account. It’s best to go on a trip after the end of the school year. That way, your children won’t miss their lessons and will be free to enjoy themselves.

III. Safety on board: a priority for families

To make sure your Mauritius catamaran getaway goes off without a hitch, it’s vital to ensure the safety of everyone on board, especially children. First of all, make sure children always wear a lifejacket. Next, they must be supervised at all times. Then, it’s essential that they learn the basic safety rules for catamarans. For example, how to get in and out of the boat, or the right attitude to adopt in emergency situations.

There are also specific safety measures for fishing catamarans. For example, it is advisable to install safety barriers to prevent people from falling off. These can be placed around the cockpit or wheelhouse, which are the dangerous areas of the boat. You should also consider installing lifelines to prevent anyone from falling overboard. Finally, be aware that there is a risk of drowning, especially on the high seas. So take all the necessary precautions beforehand.

IV. Things to do on board and ashore

Enjoying Mauritius by catamaran is an experience full of adventure. Here are a few activities you can organise for your children, to keep them entertained and help them discover the beauty of the island’s marine flora and fauna.

Educational activities

– Basic navigation: Take advantage of your trip at sea to teach your children the basics of navigation. For example, you can show them how to read a compass, explain wind directions and even show them the correct way to hold the rudder. This is likely to arouse some curiosity about the principles of maritime navigation.

Cartography: The basics of cartography is another thing that’s likely to interest your children. Give them nautical charts and help them read them. To awaken their adventurous side, you can also plot the catamaran’s course.

– Marine wildlife observation: Marine conservation is a very important thing to teach your children. Your outing at sea will be an excellent opportunity to discuss this subject with them. Explain to your children the importance of preserving the environment. What’s more, you’ll see a host of marine animals in Mauritian waters, including dolphins, colourful fish and sea turtles. Use them as an example.

Games and Entertainment

– Games tailored to the Catamaran’s space: Your boat has enough space to organise games for children. Take the opportunity to play board games. Your little ones can also paint. Encourage them to use the sea as a springboard for inspiration.

– Sailor’s Knot workshops: Does your child dream of becoming an experienced sailor? If so, it would be useful to show them how to tie sea knots.

Exploring the Islands and Beaches

– Treasure hunt: When you visit an island in Mauritius by catamaran, you’ll have the chance to organise a treasure hunt, much to the delight of your little ones. Let them discover how to solve riddles in an idyllic setting.

Nature discovery: During your stopovers, you can take your children on educational walks. There’s a lot to learn about the flora and fauna of Mauritius.

V. Gourmet discovery for the whole family

Catamaran cruises are a great opportunity to discover delicious local dishes, such as yellowfin tuna, which can be found in Mauritian waters. Don’t hesitate to prepare fun meals for your children. During your stopovers, you’ll also have the opportunity to sample local food specialities.

VI. Practical advice for parents

Visiting the most attractive parts of Mauritius by catamaran can be tiring, especially for children. For this reason, it is important to ensure that they have sufficient rest time. Encourage them to take naps from time to time and make sure they wear sun cream. As for seasickness, take the necessary precautions to counter it. For example, avoid overeating and eat light meals. Also, consider adding ginger or peppermint to your food. These are natural remedies for seasickness.

VII. Creating Unforgettable Memories

It is a privilege to sail the waters of Mauritius on a catamaran. Don’t forget to capture every moment by taking photos. You can also keep a logbook as a souvenir. Write down all the events in chronological order. Involve your children in this.

VIII. Conclusion

A catamaran trip around Mauritius is much more than a simple sea trip; it’s an enriching family adventure that leaves lasting memories. From the comfort and stability offered by the catamaran to the fun and educational activities, every aspect of this experience has been designed to delight and engage families.

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